Grocery Purchases

$100 Dierbergs earns 5%.......$5.00

   $100 …Dierbergs per week

With the SCRIP program, every time you buy gift certificates the store gives back a percentage of your purchase to Good Shepherd’s parish/school.  For example - you purchase $100 of Kohl’s certificates and Good Shepherd  is credited 5% - $5.00.  By the way, Kohl’s SCRIP can be used at the check out, given as gift certificates, or used to pay towards your Kohl’s account. The percentage earned varies with each vendor (between 1½% to 25%). 

We have SCRIP for just about every vendor, restaurant or gas station in around.  We have SCRIP for malls, Home Improvement stores, and Walgreen’s.  We have SCRIP for theatres, hotels and airlines and the list gets bigger and bigger all of the time.   Most popular SCRIP certificates are kept on hand but infrequent vendors will need about 3-4 days to order. 

Purchasing SCRIP is very easy.  It is sold after all masses and in the cafeteria during the school day.   

Our earnings from the SCRIP Program are endless and are totally dependent on the volume and frequency SCRIP is purchased.  Routine weekly purchasing is the key to a successful program.  Pennies made each week add up to hundreds of dollars. SCRIP is an excellent way to provide additional financial assistance to the ever-increasing needs of our growing parish and school.  Let’s watch our pennies grow!!!!


x     52 …weeks
$5,200 …in groceries for the year

$5.00 …earnings per week
x   52 …weeks
$ 260 …in earnings for the year

The church/school earns $260 for nothing! You were going to spend the money anyway!