Uniforms may be purchased through French Toast, Kohl’s, Target,  J.C. Penney’s.... The school receives a donation from French Toast for uniforms purchased online. You can view an online catalog at www.frenchtoast.com.  Our school code for French Toast is QS45NVF. We earn 5% cash back for every order placed through the web store or catalog that is ordered using our school code.  Questions or concerns about locating a uniform item should be addressed to the principal. Also, the Home & School Association maintains a selection of “gently used” uniforms donated by school families and free of charge. These are available in the Father Jakle Room. 


Shirts – White or red cotton knit “polo style”, long or short sleeve, with or without school logo. White or

red long sleeve turtleneck. Shirts must be neatly tucked into the waistband at all times.


Sweater/Sweatshirt – A navy blue or red crew neck or hooded sweatshirt, with or without the school logo may be worn over the polo shirt or turtleneck. The hood on a sweatshirt must remain down inside the school building. The collar of the shirt must be visible. The navy or red sweatshirt with the Good Shepherd Catholic School logo may be purchased through school. Solid navy, red or white cardigan with crew neck or sweater vest is permissible.


Shorts – Navy, (or Khaki for 7/8th grade students only) knee-length, uniform style shorts may be worn during the first and fourth quarters of the school year. No cargo style shorts are permitted. Shorts must be worn “at the waist” and may not be overly baggy or overly tight fitting. Shorts may be no shorter than four finger’s width about 2 inches above the bend of the knee.


Pants – Navy blue, uniform style pants may be worn throughout the school year. Khaki pants are allowed for the 7/8th grade students. No cargo style pants are permitted. Pants must be worn “at the waist” and may not be overly baggy or overly tight fitting.


Belt – A solid black, brown or blue belt must be worn with uniform shorts/pants if there are belt loops.


Socks – Solid colored ankle, crew, no show, or knee-high socks only may be worn.  Kindergarten thru 6th grades need to wear blue, white, black or grey socks.  7/8th grade students may wear any solid color socks.  Girls may wear white or navy tights.


Shoes – All students must wear athletic or tennis shoes during their physical education classes. If students do not choose to wear athletic/tennis shoes on days the P.E. classes are scheduled, they may change into them prior to attending P.E. class. On days on which students do not have P.E. class, they may wear athletic/tennis shoes or leather shoes. (The guidelines for both styles of shoes are listed below.) All shoes requiring shoestrings must have shoestrings and must be tied appropriately. Shoes must be clean and in good repair. No sandals, flip-flops, clogs, mules, platform, heels, or open-type shoes are allowed. If boots, boon-dockers, etc. are worn to school due to inclement weather, they must be changed to regular school shoes upon arrival.


Athletic/Tennis shoes – Gray, navy, black, brown, or white athletic/tennis shoes are allowed. There may be a contrasting or a varying color on shoes. Shoelaces must be black, gray, navy, brown, or white as the shoes. Light-up shoes, fluorescent shoes, rolling shoes, musical shoes, high tops, or zipper shoes are not allowed. Leather athletic shoes are acceptable.  All athletic/tennis shoes should have no heel.


Leather Shoes Solid brown, black or navy leather shoes with tie or buckle, or slip-on dress shoes with a

flat heel are allowed.


Jewelry  Simple, post earrings may only be worn in the ear lobe; dangling or loop/hoop earrings may pose a safety hazard on the playground and/or during physical education classes, therefore, they are not allowed. A simple, religious, chain style necklace may be worn. A simple ring may be worn on the ring finger of one hand. A simple wristwatch may be worn on the wrist of one hand.


Make-up, Nail Polish, Fake Fingernails, Body Art/Paintings/Tattoos are not allowed (except 7/8th grade girls may wear one color nail polish and light cover-up make-up naturally applied). No heavy eye, lip, or cheek make-up will be permitted.  Fad accessories, haircuts and hair coloring are not allowed. Hair must be cut short enough so as not to hang in front of the eyes. Boys’ hair may not exceed shoulder length. Girls may wear simple non-distracting headbands. Buttons, bands, advertisements, scarves, and other “accessories” may not be worn.


Girls only in grades Kindergarten through Grade 4 may wear a solid, navy, V-neck, accordion-pleated-skirted jumper or pants.


Girls in grades 5 through 8 may wear a solid navy pleated-skirt, pants or skort. (7/8th grade girls may wear khaki skirts, skorts, or pants).  All jumpers and skirts must be worn modestly (no shorter than four finger’s, about 2 inches width above the bend of the knee).


Scout Uniforms may be worn to school on the day of the meeting.


Spirit ShirtsGood Shepherd spirit shirts many be worn with uniform bottoms on early dismissal days.

During the first and fourth quarters students may wear uniform shorts or khaki shorts on those days. 8th graders will be allowed to wear their "future high school's spirit shirt on  spirit shirt days.


*This dress code is subject to the discretion of the faculty and administration.


Girls may wear modest athletic shorts for P.E. class. The procedure will be that they may wear them under the skirts. The girls will go to the restroom to remove the skirt and then return to the restroom to get back into “uniform.” The athletic shorts may not have writing on the rear end and will not have holes. Also please choose something loose fitting. If the shorts are immodest, the young woman will need to wear the skirt. If a girl chooses to wear the school uniform shorts, there will NOT be a need to change. Please mark a name in the skirts as there could be some confusion when the girls are getting back into “uniform.”