The Good Shepherd Christian Service Commission reminds us and sets the example that every Christian is called to service and promotes that every parishioner should become involved in actively accepting the responsibility of their baptism.

It is the purpose of the Christian Service Commission to promote and coordinate programs that will guarantee all God’s children in the worldwide community, in the local community, and especially within the parish boundaries, justice and charity in full measure. It has the responsibility of enabling members of the parish to respond to the social justice problems of today. It also concerns itself with the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the people of the parish, giving special care to the poor, the lonely, the aged, the oppressed, and minority groups.

Our Christian Service Ministries and Groups


Interested in helping with the Christmas Sharing Tree?

Please contact Doris Thorne at 314-795-4976.


Interested in participating in the Knights of Columbus?

Please contact Mike Arlt at 314-603-3548 or by email at


Interested in participating in the Ladies Auxiliary?

Please contact Mary Thoma at 636-789-3775 or by email at


Interested in helping with the Parish Picnic?

Please contact Regina Eidel at 636-274-3432 or by email at or

Helen Conway at 636-274-5222 or by email at


Interested in helping with the Parish Blood Drive?

Please contact Jane Thebeau at 636-337-6069 or by email at


Interested in helping with Respect Life?

Please contact Lisa Keeting  by email at


Interested in helping with St. Vincint De Paul?

Please contact Darlene Franken at 636-789-2777 or by email at  or

Karen Shuh

Contact the Christian Service Commission

Parish Life Events

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Important Contact Information

Knights of Columbus
Mike Arlt

Ladies Auxiliary
Mary Thoma

St. Vincent De Paul
Darlene Franken
877-238-3228 x3330

Respect Life
Lisa Keating

Card Ministry
Barb Cox

Prayer Line
Mary Boushie

Parish Office
Office: 636-789-3356

Fr. Ryan Weber
Office: 636-789-3356

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