“You will be the first teachers of your child in the ways of the faith.  May you also be the best of teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what you say and do in Christ Jesus the Lord.”

–Rite of Baptism


Parish Holy Hour 4/21/2022 at 6:00pm

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Parish Holy Hour Join the parish family each Thursday for Holy Hour and Adoration from 6-7pm.  Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation) will be available from 6-6:45pm

Good Shepherd Parish School of Religion
Family Catechesis Program 2021-2022

Important Information and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Good Shepherd PSR will continue with a Family Catechesis Model for the 2021-2022
    school year. This means that students AND parents will be involved in classes and
    activities throughout the month. The calendar will be released in the near future. Plan to
    spend from 6:45-8:00 each Wednesday with your family learning and growing in your
  • The goal of Family Catechesis is to work together (parents, children, extended families,
    catechists, pastors) so that ALL will grow and develop in our faith. We are walking on
    this journey together, and we are meant to learn and grow together.
  • Students and their families will be on campus together, participating in class,
    Mass/Celebrations and activities. Small children are welcome to come too–no need for
    a sitter! Students will not be dropped off and picked up later. All classes,
    masses/celebrations, and family activities will be held on Wednesday from 6:45pm to

What will Family Catechesis Look Like this year?

  •  Families will study a particular topic each month, examples include prayer, sacraments,
    Advent, Lent etc…
  • Once a month, families will gather in the church for a presentation on that month’s topic.
    Students will leave the church after approximately 15 minutes to go over to their
    classrooms with their catechists to learn more about the topic at their individual grade
    levels. Parents and adults (including small children and teens) will stay to hear more
    about the topic and be given resources to help them work with their children at home
    during the rest of the month.
  • There will be a Family Mass or celebration once a month. This may be Stations of the
    Cross, Adoration, Living Rosary to reflect the theme or topic for the month. These will be
    energized and interactive events. Families will be encouraged to be lectors, to serve, to
    sing in the choir, or participate from the pew–whatever families are comfortable with!
  • There will be a family activity once a month that further explores the theme/topic of the
    month. These activities will include family dinners, Advent/Lent activities, stations of the
    cross (family led) reconciliation services, etc. Activities will be held in the Church,
    cafeteria or on the parish grounds. All members of the family are invited.
  • The last Wednesday of the month will be reserved for working at home with your family,
    further exploring the topic and completing family activities together. Resources will be
    provided to assist you.

What about 2nd and 8th grade Sacraments?

  • Students in 2nd and 8th grade will focus solely on the Sacraments of Reconciliation,
    First Eucharist, and Confirmation.
  • Second and 8th grade students and families will also meet one additional time each
    month, usually the last Wednesday of the month–in order to receive as much information
    and support as possible for these 2 important Sacrament years.

Why are we making this change?

  • The traditional model of the PSR program is not as effective as it could be. Many
    parishes in the area are going to the family catechesis model, some of which
    modeled it after our program last year. We are working closely with Our Lady
    Parish in Festus to match our programs.
  • This is the direction most programs are heading as it invites and encourages
    families to explore their faith and enrich their relationship with Jesus
    together–along with catechists, our Pastor, and members of the Good Shepherd
    parish family. This is a journey that we will embark on together, each of us
    supporting one another as we learn and grow. All of us are at different places in
    our faith journey and this is absolutely ok! The goal is to keep moving forward
    and seek a deeper understanding of and a closer relationship with Jesus.


Q) Will students be dropped off and picked up as they have in the past?
A) No. Families will always be on campus together.

Q) Do we have to participate in all activities (class, Mass, Family nights)?
A) The short answer is YES–when families enroll in the program the expectation is
that they will have regular attendance each Wednesday. However, we
understand that there will be nights when an emergency arises and a class or
activity has to be missed. We would like you to be here each week and make the
commitment to fully involve your family in this program. The ultimate goal is
consistency, not perfection. The ultimate goal is for you and your family to have
a close, personal relationship with Jesus and make your faith a daily part of your
life and something you look forward to.

Q) May I bring small children not enrolled in the program?
A) Absolutely–YES! This is a family endeavor–all family members (including
extended family) are welcome to attend. We ask that you view this opportunity
as the gift that it is. A gift of time. Uninterrupted time for you to spend with your
spouse and your children free of distractions of technology.

Q) Are there other costs/fees involved?
A) There may be a small supply fee for sacramental years, TBD. This would help
cover the cost of supplies and retreats if anything.


Interested in Good Shepherd’s PSR but have questions?


PSR Calendar

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Important Contact Information

PSR Coordinator
Debra Downey

Parish Coordinator
Office: 636-789-3356

Parish Office
Office: 636-789-3356

Fr. Ryan Weber
Office: 636-789-3356

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Parish Holy Hour 4/21/2022 at 6:00pm

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Parish Holy Hour Join the parish family each Thursday for Holy Hour and Adoration from 6-7pm.  Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation) will be available from 6-6:45pm


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