Have you heard the truth have you really felt the truth in your life I was talking to to to a friend you know was talking about long ago how how he had heard the truth really felt the truth in his life and you know what he went reluctantly on this retreat and it was there he was there were some time and the retreat to spend some quiet time and it was in that time that he’d heard the words the words of Christmas if you will I love you and he finally felt those words in his life I was talking to another friend a while ago and he was going through a really down time in his life and really didn’t feel loved in his life and I was telling him that God that God loves him I talked to him for quite some time I was having a really hard time listening to that hearing that I don’t think he heard it for saying that in in that conversation but during that time there were just so many emotions welling up inside of him it was like an exorcism kind of wonder partly if that’s what an exorcism is about finally accepting those words in our life I’ve seen many people convulse not wanting to hear that and and finally when they hear that how it’s just just an emotional explosion I was talking I was at this family’s house and there was this boy there and and the boy was being really obnoxious he was a first grader and his little brother he kept picking on his little brother and his dad yelled at him just knock it off and he started doing it even more and kind of see kind of rubbed me the wrong way too but you know something just told me that I I needed to relook at this and I was leaving and saying good boy goodbye to the family and saying goodbye to the boy and I looked at and I said you are a good boy something changed inside him it’s like a switch went off and all the anger that he was expressing just kind of all dis dissipated he was smiling you’d always been a good boy but you could just see it so clearly in the gospel Jesus I want to say it’s like Jesus heard those words in his life and felt them for the first time it’s not that we don’t hear those words we hear throughout a life from different people the point when we hear those words from God we know that He loves us but when we really hear it and finally believe it and accept it and feel it good and that’s what’s going on I believe in the baptism of Jesus he hears those words you are my beloved with you pleased because the truth is that is the truth from the beginning of time the beginning of time for Jesus and the beginning of time in our own life and when we hear that and feel it for this first time we’re kind of like oh that’s right we’ve heard that truth before we know it but now it resonates with us so the case whenever we hear a truth in our life it’s like oh of course it is of course it’s that it’s like we’ve heard it before like we know it in our soul and it just jumps out at us it’s like I knew that all along I just needed to hear it I couldn’t speak it before that is the Holy Spirit the fire that John was talking about that is the fire that God wishes to set upon us in our life he wants us to become ablaze in that truth that you are my beloved with you I am well pleased we need to hear those words in our life with you I am well pleased in the Baltimore Catechism the very first thing in the Catechism has asked the questions why were we created and we hear the answer to that the pad answer is we and people had to memorize this I don’t know the Baltimore Catechism so I didn’t I wasn’t raised up in that catechism but the answer is we were created to know God to love God and to serve God and actually that whole order and why to bring that up in the first place to start with is the wrong starting point because it’s first that we have to understand that God knows us through and through all the good we willingly do and even the things we withhold and in all that God loves us and God is well pleased in you in his creation of you God will never take that back never change his mind we may choose not to accept it but God is well pleased with you his creation and that God serves us first he serves us life serves us abundant life that’s where it all starts and that’s the fire have you felt that fire today I celebrate my birthday and you know why bring that up because I celebrate a big birthday fifty years old today I’ve learned many things but one of the most the most important thing that I have learned in my life is that message the most one of the most important things in my life I love you hear those words you are my beloved with you I am well pleased that his revolutionized my life I see that that’s one of the most important truths to embrace and that more than anything is my mission is to help people to know that they are loved so much as Deacon Paul would say more than you can possibly imagine so this week just you know when you get a chunk of time you need a chunk of time really sit and just to sit with I love you just to sit with that this week to hear those words and let it sink in let the truth sink in that you are my beloved and with you I am well pleased