Mass Signups for the weekend of 10/25/2020


Effective June 22nd, new policies governing attending Mass will go into effect as we cautiously yet deliberately continue re-opening.  For the most part, many policies will remain in effect (requirement to wear masks, suspension of obligation to attend Sunday Mass, etc.).  Presume the policy remains the same unless stated otherwise.

The most noteworthy changes are as follows:

  • Occupancy may grow from 25% to 50% capacity, with the recommendation of keeping social distancing as best as possible.
  • Holy Communion may now be received on the tongue.

How will this work at Good Shepherd?  We’re learning as we go, so here’s what we’ll try:

  • Regarding seating, we want to offer protections for those who are still more ‘at risk’ or concerned, but also give more freedom to those think the time is right. There will be two seating sections:
    • Reserved seating for those who wish to have social distancing more strictly enforced. This will require online signup, enabling us to assign seats with appropriate distancing.
    • Open seating who are ok with sitting closer to other parishioners. This does not require signup… just show up as you would for Sunday Mass in ordinary times.
    • Please note: Masks are still required to enter the church and when moving about, but may be removed for comfort when sitting in the pew.
  • For Holy Communion, for those who wish to receive on the tongue, only the Priest celebrant may give Communion on the tongue.
    • Due to the small nature of our church, we will ask those who wish to receive Communion on the tongue to receive after everyone else. When it appears the line is dwindling, simply join the line as normal and approach the priest as you normally would with mask below your chin.
    • To make things more predictable, I will always distribute on the ‘St. Joseph’ / right side of church.
    • This practice will hold for both Sunday and daily Mass.

Please note that if you are not yet comfortable attending Sunday Mass, there remains the daily Mass option for lower attendance.  We will also continue to sanitize the church after every Mass.

Please us the SignUpGenius button below to sign up for Saturday Mass at 4pm or Sunday Mass at 7, 9, 11am. It is not necessary to have a SignUpGenius account but you are required to provide your name and email address to confirm your sign up. At the next screen, simply select the green box of the Mass time that you would like to attend, then at the bottom click “Submit and Signup”.  The last screen will allow you to select the number of spots you need, along with your name and email, and that’s it!

Your donation is an amazing blessing to Good Shepherd in this time of uncertainty. It helps with our weekly collection and allows us to provide our daily Livestreams of the Mass and Holy Hours.  Please note: If you give during the Mass Livestream you will NOT leave this page, upon submission the page will refresh but the Mass stream will continue.

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Important Contact Information

Parochial Administrator
Fr. Raymond Buehler
Office: 636-789-3356

Parish Office
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Parish Coordinator
Brenda Bone
Office: 636-789-3356

We livestream on Youtube and Facebook.  [Click here for the Facebook Livestream]  Online Mass is Monday – Saturday at 8:00am and Sunday at 9:00am.  Live Stream will start approximately 10 minutes before Mass start time, and we encourage you to welcome each other in fellowship as we prepare for the Eucharistic Celebration.  During the online Mass we will have a digital usher who will be posting in the live feed the readings, Psalms, Gospel and prayers throughout the parts of the Mass.  Your participation in the Mass, whether privately or outwardly, is important to your spiritual health.  Thank you celebrating Online Mass with us today.  We look forward to the time when we can praise and worship God the Father together in our church again.

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