My Friend, Come Out!

Sometimes things happen to us and life buries us. We face a crisis. We become over-whelmed with anxieties of life. A friend or family member becomes seriously sick or we become seriously sick. We face the loss of a loved or we go into a depression. It is nothing we have done, life just buries us. Sometimes something we do to ourselves buries us. The lie we live catches up to us and we are exposed in all our humiliation. We are buried. There is certainly no life that will come out of any of these situations. We are buried in life.

According to the song “The Reckless Love of God,” there is no wall that God won’t kick down coming after me. Jesus says take away the stone. To change the words a little, Je-sus calls out to Lazarus, “my friend, come out.” Lazarus now has a choice. Lazarus can stay in his tomb, buried or he can trust that somehow God is going to give him life. Will Lazarus come out? Will he take those initial steps that only he can take to trust God? Lazarus takes those steps. He lets those people untie him.

My friend, come out! Take those steps. Let go of those other things and trust in God. God will bring new life to you. Maybe it’s the comfort of others who have been there. Maybe it’s new friendships. Maybe it’s realizing that God has always walked with you. Maybe it’s realizing how much God loves you. Maybe it’s the confidence that you can walk through anything. Maybe it’s realizing that you will have joy again that this too will pass and there will be life again. My friend, come out.

God bless,
Fr. Chris