We’ve just come out of a month of intense focus on the countless ways God prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ:

  • Pondering and linking the hundreds of prophesies over thousands of years;
  • Zooming in to the year before Jesus’ birth with announcement of the birth of John the Baptist, the Annunciation by the Archangel Gabriel, the visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, the journeying to Bethlehem for the census;
  • Finally slowing to deep stop to contemplate the magnificent night upon which our Savior was born, with the glorious chanting of the angels, the awestruck contemplation of the shepherds, the reverent visit of the wisemen, all around the Holy Family of Joseph and Mary holding the infant God-man, Jesus.

Then, in just 19 days, we zip through the first 30 years of Jesus’ life. The vast majority of our liturgical year focuses on the last three years of Jesus’ 33 years on Earth. Yet, these years are not inconsequential! We are allowed a tiny glimpse into this time with the short account of Mary and Joseph losing then finding Jesus in the temple at age 12 (Luke 2:41-52).

Though Scripture largely falls silent on these years, they can still speak deeply to our own lives. If Jesus saw fit to do the ordinary things of life: growing up, going to school, having friends, getting sick, telling jokes, stubbing a toe, going to synagogue and the Temple, learning carpentry from his foster father, helping around the house with his mother… well this means Jesus wants to be with us in the ordinary things of our lives as well.

We come to worship God on Sundays at church… do we see Jesus coming to love us and be with us in the ordinary things of our lives? Let’s ask for the grace to know that Jesus really is Emmanuel, “God is with us”… always.