In light of the March for Life last week, and seeing the joy and powerful witness of so many youth, I’d like to share a poem that a youth from a previous parish wrote (she was then in 8th grade). It won the 2015 St. Louis Annual Respect Life Creative Writing contest. The poem is a powerful story of origins, temptations, mistakes, regret, feeling lost, mercy entering darkness, hope restored, and being made new by the grace of God! Please join me in praying that all who carry the burden of a past abortion seek the healing love and mercy of God, especially in the powerful sacrament of Confession.
Fr. Buehler

Her Blue Eyes
Caroline Cross
In the beginning,
Her eyes were a bright, vibrant blue
She went to church every Sunday
Because she wanted to be closer to God
It made her happy
Knowing that she had pleased Him
Her parents supported her
Her siblings adored her
Her friends trusted her
And God was proud
When she grew a bit older,
Her eyes were a curious blue
She went on a date
With a boy from school
Because she thought that he was handsome
But she was confused
By her feelings towards him
Her parents were hesitant
Her siblings were curious
Her friends were envious
And God hoped she would make wise decisions
One morning,
She opened her lost blue eyes
She had spent the night
With her boyfriend
Because she wanted to please him
But she regretted it
She knew it was wrong
Her parents were disappointed
Her siblings were disdainful
Her friends were mortified
Her boyfriend was unsatisfied
And God had been pushed away
A short time later,
Her eyes were a faded blue
She had destroyed an unborn life
Because she was embarrassed
And she was despairing
Her parents had lost all hope
Her siblings were contemptuous
Her friends scorned her
Her boyfriend was nowhere to be found
And God was quiet, waiting for her to come to
After many dark days,
Her vacant blue eyes gazed upon the floor
As she sought sacramental forgiveness
Because she felt empty
And worthless
Her parents were prayerful
Her siblings were prayerful
Her friends were prayerful
And God granted His forgiveness
A lifetime later,
Her blue eyes were full of love
But also longing
She watched her husband
And ached for the baby she would never meet.
Her parents were doting
Her siblings were gathering
Her friends were flocking
Her husband was holding their newborn baby
And God was happy with His perfect new creation