Shadow Boxing

It’s interesting that the people in the story find one thing wrong with Jesus,  “isn’t this the son of Joseph.” It seems to be human nature to search for some-thing wrong with another person who is challenging us and we dismiss them as credible. Jesus knows that this is just enough for the crowd to dismiss him and his teachings and he reacts. The people doubt Jesus and there won’t be any mir-acles. After all, faith is required in all of the stories of Jesus’ healings.

If one goes looking for what is wrong with another person, they will surely find it even if it is only perceived. If they don’t like the person or they have been hurt by that person, they look for more and eventually they will demonize that person. Things become black and white. Isn’t this what happened to Jesus? They didn’t like him so they began to demonize him. What we refuse to see in our own life is our own shadow. We each have our own weaknesses and fail-ures. Maturity is about facing our shadow, coming to accept our own weakness-es and failures instead of projecting them further onto others. The cure is to sur-render to God and God’s people constantly in forgiveness and for strength. Have you done your shadow boxing? When we start to do our own shadow boxing, we begin to have more compassion for others.

God bless,
Fr. Chris