Today we hear the beginning of the Gospel of Luke.  To paraphrase, Luke starts off his Gospel telling Theophilus (literally God lover) that he has set about investigating everything anew so as to compile an accurate narrative of the events that have been fulfilled among us.  The word, investigate, caught my eye.  After turning 50, I have been doing a little investigation of God at work in my life.  Have you ever done a little investigation into your life of God at work?  It’s worth looking into.  One of the great acts of contemplation is to examine how God has been at work in our lives.  It helps at times to look at the big picture.  How has God come into your life?  Have you felt that God has been far away or close?  Have you looked at your friendships?  Has God been at work in them?  If we are young, have you seen God at work in our education?  If we are old have we seen God at work in our life’s work?  If we haven’t experienced these things, maybe it’s time to investigate and experiment whether God is there.  My experience is that if we haven’t found God in our life, its probably because we haven’t done too much investigating.


God bless,

Fr. Chris