The past few weeks, I’ve been seeing an increasing number of cars parked in front of the school building. The start of school is upon us! Earlier this week, we welcomed a number of volunteers to help the teachers clean and decorate the school – thank you to all of our volunteers, old and young! This weekend we have our school open house – a warm welcome to all of our school families, especially those returning from trips and vacations. In speaking with the teachers and Mariann, I know they are ready to get started.

One of the things I’ve learned about teachers is that theirs is a career path fueled by passion. They often work long hours, daily doing a thousand little tasks that mostly go unnoticed and un-thanked, collaborating with peers, parents, principals and pastors, all for one of the most important undertak-ings any of us can engage in: the education of the youth of today to be the citizens, parents, and leaders of tomorrow. And in our Grade School and PSR at Good Shepherd, it takes on an even greater dimension: the forming of today’s disciples to be tomorrow’s saints!
The Grade School and PSR are two of the more important ministries of our parish. Are they chal-lenged? Yes. Fr. Chris tells me that this should not be a surprise to anyone. Are they worth work-ing to build and grow? Absolutely.

Where does that start? If this parish is first and foremost an extension of the ministry of Jesus and his Church, then so are our schools. Our part is to go to and be connected to the Source, aka, prayer! I ask each and every one of you to join me in making praying for our youth and for our Grade School and PSR a part of your daily prayer. Think you have the time to pray three Hail Mary’s a day? Never doubt the power of prayer.

Father Buehler