Kenotic Love

Today we celebrate Trinity Sunday. We celebrate the heart of the mystery of God. I can spend a lot of time in my head trying to wrap my brain around this mystery and there are lot of beautiful analogies. What grabs me more than anything is the unity of the three persons. It’s about relationships. It’s about each person pouring them-selves into the other, this self-emptying love. This is the same love God has for each one of us. We see it clearly on the cross. To truly understand God we have to un-derstand this self-emptying kind of love. What is called kenotic love.
For most of us this is a frightening love. We believe if we love like this there will be nothing left. This is the heart of our ego, but this is the paradox. If we empty our-selves, God will fill us. This is what real faith is. Will we take the leap? Jesus took the leap on the cross. This is the type of love that brings unity in our life, in our rela-tionships, in our marriages. Most people in relationships want to fight over who is greater, who is right. Self-emptying love is not concerned with who is right, its not about a fight, it’s not about nitpicking. It’s about doing the truth with love. This doesn’t mean we don’t challenge each other. It’s about listening to each other and getting to the truth. Sometimes agreeing to disagree. I think most people if they are honest don’t want a fight, only the ego.

God bless,
Fr. Chris