Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Lots to report this week: remodeling and painting, a message from Archbishop-elect Rozanski, updated Mass policies, and more.  Let’s get into it.

Updated Mass Requirements

Effective June 22nd, new policies governing attending Mass will go into effect as we cautiously yet deliberately continue re-opening.  For the most part, many policies will remain in effect (requirement to wear masks, suspension of obligation to attend Sunday Mass, etc.).  Presume the policy remains the same unless stated otherwise.

The most noteworthy changes are as follows:

  • Occupancy may grow from 25% to 50% capacity, with the recommendation of keeping social distancing as best as possible.
  • Holy Communion may now be received on the tongue.

How will this work at Good Shepherd?  We’re learning as we go, so here’s what we’ll try:

  • Regarding seating, we want to offer protections for those who are still more ‘at risk’ or concerned, but also give more freedom to those think the time is right. There will be two seating sections:
    • Reserved seating for those who wish to have social distancing more strictly enforced. This will require online signup, enabling us to assign seats with appropriate distancing.
    • Open seating who are ok with sitting closer to other parishioners. This does not require signup… just show up as you would for Sunday Mass in ordinary times.
    • Please note: Masks are still required to enter the church and when moving about, but may be removed for comfort when sitting in the pew.
  • For Holy Communion, for those who wish to receive on the tongue, only the Priest celebrant may give Communion on the tongue.
    • Due to the small nature of our church, we will ask those who wish to receive Communion on the tongue to receive after everyone else. When it appears the line is dwindling, simply join the line as normal and approach the priest as you normally would with mask below your chin.
    • To make things more predictable, I will always distribute on the ‘St. Joseph’ / right side of church.
    • This practice will hold for both Sunday and daily Mass.

Please note that if you are not yet comfortable attending Sunday Mass, there remains the daily Mass option for lower attendance.  We will also continue to sanitize the church after every Mass.

If you have any questions, please contact the parish office.

Message from Archbishop-elect Rozanski

The date for Archbishop-elect Rozanski’s installation is set for August 25th, 2020, but he is already hitting the ground running getting to know the archdiocese and the people here.  It would be great if we could think of a welcome gift we could give him that is distinctively ‘Good Shepherd’ or ‘Hillsboro’.  Any ideas?

He recorded a short video message for the faithful of the Archdiocese.  Check it out here:

Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day!  Know of our gratitude and prayers for all fathers out there.  Please join me in praying for these men, especially that they might love their children with the love that our Heavenly Father has for His children!  At Masses this Sunday, we will have a special blessing for all fathers in attendance in-person or on livestream.

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to Hailee Galczynski on her First Holy Communion this past Sunday at the 11am Mass!  Hailee is the daughter of Rich and Maureen, and the youngest of their clan.  Pray for her, and congratulate her if you see her!

Liturgical Gratitude

Just a word of gratitude to the ladies and gentlemen of the liturgy committee.  They do so much ‘behind the scenes’ work to make Sundays go smoothly.  And if that’s true ordinarily, that is especially true during the challenges of COVID-19.  If you would, pray for and thank Lin Martin (secretary, lectors, and launderer of sacred linens), Dcn. Paul Martin (assistant to Lin), Kimberly Aldridge (music), Mary Lou Watson (servers), Mary Boushie (extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion), Michelle Heinzer (ushers), Joanne Bone (environment), Dcn. Dan Raidt, and so many others whom they lead.

Facilities updates

Work continues around campus.  Cleanup behind the St. Joseph house is nearly complete and it looks great!  We’re still figuring out how to best implement some picnic tables for parishioners to enjoy.  We’re also moving forward with installing the new flooring, cabinetry and fixtures in the kitchen area.  Thanks to Lewis Flooring for the donations!  Also, Deanna Frantzen is leading a crew in repainting the cafeteria.  It’s not done, but it’s looking sharper already.  Thanks to so many volunteers, including many of our 7th / 8th graders and other parishioners.  The teachers are staying busy as well, repainting classrooms / bathrooms, etc., to keep our school looking bright.  We also had the floors of the classrooms and cafeteria waxed.  All in all, lots is getting done, but there’s still lots to do.  If you would like to swing a hammer or swipe a brush, let us know!

Fourth of July

The 4th falls on a Saturday this year, and we will be offering a special 9am Mass with music to pray for our nation, to thank God for our many blessings, and to ask His blessings on us in a time of so many challenges.  We hope you can join us.

Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA)

Many of you have already received in the mail information about the ACA.  We encourage you to give as you can.  The ACA does much for our church in ordinary times, and they have really stepped forward in so many ways during the pandemic.  If you haven’t had a chance, please check out to see how the ACA is helping so many people in ordinary and extraordinary ways.  There is also an option to give online if you haven’t received or can’t find your donor card in the mail.  Our goal this year is $38,759… we’re currently at $11,415, with only 56 or 605 parish households having responded.  Please contact the parish office if you need assistance.

Pastor-elect notes

Please note that I will be away from the parish on vacation from the evening of June 21st through the morning of June 27th.  In my absence, please welcome Fr. Eddie Voltz as he covers Masses and any funerals / sick calls that may come up.

Save the Date

Lastly, while my appointment as pastor is effective July 28th, 2020, I will be officially installed as pastor by Bishop Rivituso on Sunday, August 16th, 2020 at the 11am Mass.  You are invited!

Let’s keep one another in prayer!

Gratefully in Christ,

Father Buehler


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