Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Heavy Heart: it is sad to see so much unrest and violence taking place in our cities and around the nation.  There is much to be said, and much, much more to learn through listening to one another from the heart.  I want to encourage all of you to be in solidarity with all involved through prayer.  Christ alone can change hearts and heal the wounds of division at the deepest level.  He is the Prince of Peace and our Savior.  While there is much to be done, our work for good begins first by inviting Jesus to make my heart and yours a place where peace and good will reigns through mercy and grace.  Only then can we be an instrument in His hands for the same healing in the world.  How do you intentionally connect with Jesus Christ every week?  Every day?  Every hour?

Just a few other updates for this week on the happenings at Good Shepherd:

  • Mass Signups: Mass signups have been effective the past couple weekends. Just a reminder that there is a need to sign up each weekend, which will always be available the Tuesday before.  Signup:
  • Adoration Signups: This Saturday, we will have Adoration in church from 8:30a – 3:30a. While you are encouraged to sign up so we make sure to have sufficient coverage, you are also welcome to come adore our Lord at any time without signing up, as long as we keep proper social distancing.  Signup:
  • Key Register: We have many keys that have been loaned out over the years that are unaccounted for. We also have run out of some keys that are essential.  If you have a key for anything on parish property (school, church, rectory, garage, cafeteria, etc.), please contact the parish office so we can begin to keep a log of who has what keys.
  • First Communions: Due to space restrictions, we were unable to hold a special Mass for all the children who have prepared to make their First Holy Communion and their families. Instead, we’ve decided to invite the children to make their First Communion individually at a Sunday Mass of their choice, with reserved seating for their family.  Don’t be surprised to see a young person receive Jesus Sacramentally in the Eucharist for the first time at a Mass you attend!
  • Safety at Church: I’m grateful to so many who have cooperated and helped with the various precautions we’re taking to keep the church clean and safe for people to attend. I’ve talked with some people who were nervous to attend, but who admitted afterwards that they felt completely safe.  That’s great!  I want to encourage those of you who are nervous to not feel pressured, but to feel safe in attending Mass, be it on Sunday or a weekday.
  • Space at Church: Also, I’ve heard of some families staying away to make sure others can attend. Please know that we have had extra space at all Masses – please be encouraged to attend!  If we start hitting our cap, we’ll look into adding a Mass or moving temporarily into a larger space.

Let’s keep one another in prayer!

In Christ,

Fr. Buehler

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