Locked Up

I know many of us are locked up in life. We may not think we are locked up. The symptoms of being locked up range from feeling stuck in a rut unable to change our situation, fear of speaking up, hope-lessness, despair, or just plain boredom. I know many of us live this way for years. Even in this room, in the church we feel locked up. Keep coming to this room. They gathered together and despite the room being locked up, Jesus came to them. The following week they were locked up again only with Thomas and despite the locks, Jesus came to them.
Keep coming to this room. This is our room, our church. This is where we gather, locked and un-locked. Jesus promises he will always come to this room. He will come to us and unlock us in the music, in the readings, in the preaching, in the Eucharist in those around us who are already unlocked If we keep coming we will come to know His Spirit and be able to live in the freedom of His Spirit. His Spirit is always freeing. He has come to free us and not lock us up. Something is wrong if our version of the gospel locks us up. The true test of the Spirit is freedom not that it doesn’t require discipline.

God bless,
Fr. Chris