I hope that your lent has been going well so far. I’d like to extend another invitation to all of you to take part in a spiritual practice that has born a great amount of fruit in my own life, the “consecration to Divine Mercy” as given by Fr. Micael Gaitley in the book 33 days to Merciful Love. As the title implies, the book is a daily devotional that guides you through 33 days of preparation for an act of consecration to God’s Divine Mercy. To clarify, by the term “consecration” we mean that we are dedicating ourselves in a special way to both living and trusting in God’s mercy. It is a straightforward and simple devotion and takes only 5-10 minuets each day. It focuses on the words of a number of saints but primarily on those of St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Faustina.

If you’ve wanted to grow in you own personal relationship with Christ and understanding of God’s mercy for us, I would highly recommend this book to you. It has born so much fruit for me personally as I know it has for many others as well.

I am hoping to have a group begin the book together on March 22 in order to complete the devotion on Divine Mercy Sunday. If you’d like to participate in that along with me, please contact the parish office.

At the same time however, it is a “do it yourself” book so there is really no commitment to do anything with anyone else. However, if we are able to get a group beginning the book at the same time, I am planning to offer a time, after a Sunday Mass here and there, during which we can read the devotion of the day together, and maybe share how it is going.

You can also, of course, begin the book whenever you want. There is really no mandatory timetable. We have a number of books at the parish office that we’re giving out, which we will also offer after Masses this weekend, but you can also find the book easily and cheaply on Amazon.

Whether you choose to be a part of this or not I hope you have a truly blessed Lent!

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