Going up the Mountain

Have you ever been up the mountain? I was talking to Deacon Paul and he was commenting that the primitive belief is that God is up in the sky and that the higher that you go the closer you are to God. Going up the mountain is a metaphor for having an experience of God. That’s what happens in the Gospel for Peter, James, and John. They have a definite experience of God. They experience Jesus in dazzling white, Moses and Elijah and they hear a voice, “this is my chosen Son; listen to him.”

When was the last time you had a mountain top experience of God? I had a mountain top experience of God this past weekend on Luke 18. There were so many aspects, the fact that there were 45 students that went. I didn’t think that we would get that many the first time. Another amazing thing that happened is that the retreatants began to immediately participate in the music and the sharing. Usually that doesn’t happen the first night. There were quiet moments of prayerful music that moved me to tears. The music the entire weekend was incredibly powerful. The juniors, seniors and freshmen in college put their hearts on the line sharing their stories and what good stories they had to share. I guess the best comments were that they didn’t want the retreat to end.

Have you been upon the mountain? Have you ever done a retreat? Lent is the perfect time to go up the mountain. God has been waiting and preparing for you for a long time. God can not nearly be experienced alone. The depth of heaven can only be experienced in community on a retreat. Come away with God and rest. Let the children lead you.

God bless,
Fr. Chris