Eating Crow
In the Gospel, we hear a sad, but common story. People hear and this time see the truth and won’t accept it. Jesus heals a blind man. Because Jesus has challenged the power establishment, they are convinced that Jesus could not have done it. The more overwhelming the evidence is, the bolder their denial is. It is a very tough thing to eat crow. No one likes to eat crow. No one likes to admit they are wrong especially in front of people. The fact is that all of us have some assumptions that are wrong, some since the time we were born. Richard Rohr prays that he receives at least one humiliation a day, one humbling a day.
Are we eating crow? Sometimes we use our Christianity as an excuse not to eat crow. Our religion is right. Everyone else needs to eat crow. No, we should be the first to admit our faults. We should be the first to step aside to let other people through.
God bless,
Fr. Chris