Who is your guide?

Can a blind person guide a blind person? Jesus asks this question in the Gospel for today. Who guides you? A lot of adulthood is unlearning what we learned as a kid. I am not knocking our parents. For the most of us our parents did the best they could. Hopefully, they gave us an ego, a point of reference. If I do good things, good things will happen. That works well into early adulthood. The maturity of adulthood is to advance past that and past our ego. As adults we can not expect our parents to teach us that. Most people’s guides are that they are not going to do things that their parents did. I say, “look out.” That person is bound to be just like their parents. You are still stuck in the same picture. Trying to do the opposite is not the answer because it is not addressing the underlying is-sues. If you want to change the picture, then a new element must be introduced, a guide. Maybe we look back and say this teacher or this coach was my guide. That’s nice, but who is your guide now? In our society, we are taught not to trust authority. And there is a lot of authority in our world that can steer us wrong, but there is a lot of good authority that can only be found by seeking it. Look for the ones who walk the walk. Like the Gospel last week, look for the ones who know how to forgive their enemies. There are elders in our church who have walked through grief. There are spiritual directors who are worth their weight in gold (I keep a list of them). There are counselors that can help us sort through life (I also keep a list of them). There are the older members who sit around 12 step tables who know the way to peace. There are guides all around us. As the saying goes, the teacher will arrive when the student is ready. God has an uncanny way of putting teachers in our life when we finally begin to look for them.

God bless,
Fr. Chris