Dear Parishioners of Good Shepherd,

Due to the increased threat level of Flu A and B in our area, as well as growing concerns regarding COVID-19, the Archbishop of St. Louis has asked that parishes take the following measures to be good stewards of our health in the context of our liturgies.

All sacred vessels will be sanitized appropriately between Masses.

The sign of peace is to be exchanged without physical contact (example: a slight head bow towards the person with whom you are exchanging the sign of peace).

Holding hands during the Our Father is also discouraged.

For the time, Holy Communion is encouraged to be received in the hand (but not mandated).

Holy Communion will only be distributed via the Sacred Host (not the Precious Blood)

Holy Water will be changed on a more frequent basis.

Extra bottles of hand sanitizer will be placed near entrances to the church and in the sacristy.

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, you are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, and are encouraged to:

Participate in the Mass via TV or the Internet (EWTN provides both).

Call the Rectory to request Holy Communion be brought to your place of residence.

If you have a cough but otherwise feel fine, please bring a handkerchief to cough into, as a bare hand or sleeve may not be sufficient to block any expectorant.

 These measures will be in place throughout Lent, with hopes of returning to our normal liturgical practices on Easter Sunday.

I know that the measures may be somewhat burdensome, but if we take these precautionary measures seriously, we help to protect not only ourselves but also those of our community who may be of more frail health. We also do our part to work towards returning our community and nation to a more regular state of health.

Hopefully these threats to health will pass quickly, and we will soon return to our normal way of living and the fuller expression of our liturgical worship.

And most importantly, let’s remember to keep our sick brothers and sisters here and through-out the world in our daily prayers.

In Christ, Father Buehler

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