In the Hands of God

Jesus basically says that no one can take us out of God’s hand. Does anyone have the power to take us out of the Father’s hand? No, of course not. The challenge is to trust that we are in God’s hands. Sometimes we don’t feel like we are in God’s hands. Our spirituality goes into a dry spell. It happens. But sometimes I wonder if it’s about putting ourselves into God’s hands. How much do we trust God? At times we don’t want to put our things much less ourselves into God’s hands. Oh, I will put this part of me into God’s hands, but not this part. I remember talking to someone who was saying they wanted to put themselves into God’s hands, but as they imag-ined putting themselves into God’s hands they kept wanting to slip out, wanting to handle things on their own.
Imagine putting ourselves into God’s hands. What ways do we want to be in God’s hands and in what ways do we not want to be in God’s hands. Ask ourselves the rea-sons why it is that we don’t want to be in hands. It’s usually a trust issue. Now re-member that God loves you and wants the best for you, that God has a plan for you.

God bless,
Fr. Chris