Something New, Love

“I give you a new commandment: love one another.” I don’t understand how this is a new commandment because it is part of the Jewish law. However, a lot of the people around Jesus, e.g. the Pharisees, did not exhibit the type of love Jesus was talking about. “As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” Jesus displays a love to the nth degree (as n approaches infinity). He lays down his life out of love for us. We too are called to love in this same way. Although it was said in the Hebrew to love one another, at the time of Jesus, it was clear not to love anyone who diso-beyed God’s love, not to love our enemies, not love our strangers, not to love the gen-tiles. There were all these excuses. I wonder if Jesus is just being facetious. Hey let’s try something new, love.
Has our love become full of exceptions? How about when someone fails a command-ment of the church? How about when someone disagrees politically with us? How about when someone is a different religion or doesn’t believe in God. How about those in prison who have done heinous things (I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep them locked up)? Do we love them the way Jesus has loved us. Are we willing to lay down our life for them? Hey, let’s try something new, love.

God bless,
Fr. Chris