New Love
Peter and the disciples go fishing. It’s back to the familiar. They know how to fish, but for the past three years they have learned a new way to fish, how to fish for people. They have learned from the itinerant preach-er of how to live town to town. It’s not that Jesus didn’t have a home base, Galilee. Jesus’ job of carpentry was over and now Peter’s job of fishing is over. Notice they didn’t catch any fish because there was no fruit at their old job.

We want to go back to the old familiar, but we have learned a new way of life. Each new resurrection brings a new way of life. What new way of life have you learned? Have we embraced it. True, part of it is grieving the old way, but eventually we see the new way. Peter has forgotten about his best friend and how his best friend has changed his life. Jesus reminds him, “do you love me?” The challenge is that it is time to spread that love. Feed others this new love. Jesus, a good friend, really challenges him. The resurrection brings a new love. Are we spreading that new love?

God bless,
Fr. Chris