Dear Good Shepherd Parishioners,

I have some exciting new for the parish this week. The parish baptismal font is on its way to receive a total restoration treatment! It had been sitting the garage out behind the church for many years and was in sore need of some care. I had someone down last week to check it out though, and he said that it was still structurally sound and salvageable. A priest friend of mine who is an aficionado of all things church history says that the font appears to be of a style that predates the 1930’s and so is most likely quite a bit older than the parish itself. I wasn’t able to find any documentation when I was up at the Archdiocesan Archives but I do plan on making another trip to see if I can find anything on it.

Who knows how many infants and adults were brought into the Life of God by means of this font? Perhaps you are one such person who received your first sacrament with it? It is a great treasure of our parish history and I am overjoyed that we have the opportunity to bring it back into use. As we send this venerable old font off to be restored let us reflect on the great gift of our own baptism through which we were made sons and daughters of God. At baptism our soul is infused with the very Life of God, which we refer to as Sanctifying Grace and as the Rite of Baptism tells us, we should do everything in our power to ensure that that life within us is not extinguished by sin. And so it is a good question to ask ourselves this week, how am I living out of my identity as a child of God and the dignity that I have received? How can I do better?

I’ll leave you with a quote from the council of Florence (everyone’s favorite right?):

Holy Baptism holds the first place among the sacraments, because it is the door of the spiritual life; for by it we are made members of Christ and incorporated with the Church. And since through the first man death entered into all, unless we be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, we can not enter into the kingdom of Heaven, as Truth Himself has told us.

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