Dear Good Shepherd Parishioners,

Something I’ve been impressed with during my short time with all of you here at Good Shepherd is the high quality and the number of our volunteers. The first weekend I was here was also the weekend of the parish auction and so I was able to see in person how this community can come together to make wonderful things happen, in that case for the children at our school.

To be of service is something that is central to our faith as Catho-lics. We read in James 2:26 that faith without works is dead meaning, that having faith is meaningless if we don’t live it out in our lives.

This weekend at the Masses I will be talking a little bit about the needs of our parish as I see them and opportunities for people to step up in service. If any of those things stand out to you or if you feel called to serve the parish in some other way, I’d love to talk with you about it.

Service is a wonderful thing because it helps people come out of themselves. This is especially important in the world we live in today that provides us with so many opportunities and even encourages us in many ways to think only of ourselves. Service helps us form that self-less heart that Jesus desires us to have, a heart that can then turn to others and show the love that Jesus has for them.

Mother Teresa has a wonderful quote that helps bring this point across:

“Love is a one-way street. It always moves away from self in the direction of the other. Love is the ultimate gift of our selves to others. When we stop giving we stop loving, when we stop loving we stop growing, and unless we grow we will never attain personal fulfillment; we will never open out to receive the life of God. It is through love we encounter God.”

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