I worry about my niece and nephew, both of whom are young adults now. One boldly states there is no God, and the other simply doesn’t care about God. When I hear Jesus talk in today’s Gospel “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” my stomach begins to churn. As I spend time with the teens in the youth group, I think about where my footprints are leading them. Are my footprints leading them closer to Jesus Christ? You know, Jesus will ask us one day, “Where did your footprints lead?” If our footprints are leading teens to Jesus, to serve Him above all, prioritizing Him above all, then we are leaving the greatest legacy any parent can leave a child. Whether you have children or not, if you truly believe we are brothers and sisters in Christ, then your footprints matter. Are your footprints leading the youth in this parish closer to Jesus Christ? Maybe that’s out of your comfort zone, or you don’t know how you can help with the youth group. Jesus gives us the answer “to pray always without becoming weary.” Please pray for the teens in the youth group, for the adults leading it, for yourself to become a part of it or to help support it. And when the Holy Spirit comes to you, I hope you have the courage to answer God’s call so your footprints will help lead the teens closer to Christ.
Together we can answer YES to Jesus’ question “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on Earth?”

Grace and blessings on your path,

Matt Collins, Youth Minister