Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It was good to get away and rest for a weekend, but know that you were in my prayers.  Fr. Stanger tells me you received him warmly, and would be happy to come visit again.  For my part, it was good to get back to ministry recharged.

Just a quick rundown of this week’s email:

  • New PSR Approach
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • This Sunday at 9am
  • New Seminarian
  • Day of Giving (Auction change)
  • Hurricane and Wild Fire Disaster Special Collection
  • Voting for 11am or 11:30am Mass

New PSR Approach

As mentioned the last email, we’ve decided that the challenges and unpredictability of COVID-19, along with the feedback from years of PSR experience, invited us to take a new approach to PSR this year.  It’s very much a learning experience which invites adaptability and a willingness to try something new.  If you’d like to learn more, check out this short interview video with Maria, our PSR coordinator.

Eucharistic Adoration

Just a quick reminder that this Saturday is Eucharistic Adoration, from 8:30am until 3:30pm.  We have most hours covered, but are especially in need of coverage from 11:30am to 12:30pm. .  But stop in anytime, for an hour, for 10 min, for whatever you can give to our Lord!

This Sunday

As this Sunday is our first Sunday with the new approach to PSR, I wanted to make two quick notes

  • I have asked Fr. Peter Faimega to cover the 9am Mass so I can be present to the PSR Sunday cohort parents session. This cohort only meets once a month, but unless we move the 11am Mass to 11:30am, this may become a monthly experience of finding a priest to help out.
  • We’re asking PSR to park in the gravel lot, so we ask all 9am Mass attendants to park in the front or rear paved lot. Thanks!

New Seminarian

This weekend we welcome our guest seminarian, Mr. Dustin Johns.  He’ll be with us most Sundays throughout the ’20-21 academic year, helping out with Mass and with a special focus on ministry to the sick and homebound.  Please make him feel welcome!

Day of Giving (Auction change)

This year, due to the restrictions on social gatherings and other obstacles, we’ve transitioned our annual Auction to a Day of Giving.  It will be different, but we think it will be a great experience of our community and an opportunity to support so many great things about our parish.  I sat down with the co-chairs, Erika Wengert and Kathy Huskey, to talk about what to expect, why we’ve changed for 2020, and what we’re excited about.

Hurricane and Wild Fire Disaster Special Collection

Archbishop Rozanski has asked parishes to participate in a extra collection to help provide immediate and long-term aid to those recovering from Hurricane Laura in Louisiana and the Wild Fires in California. The funds collected in this special appeal will become part of the Bishops Emergency Disaster Fund and will be used to support the efforts of Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services.  The funds will be distributed where they are most needed.

In order to contribute, please either place an envelope or check in the collection basket with Hurricane/Wild Fire in the memo field, or drop off your donation through the parish office mail slot, or by emailing an ACH request to

Voting for 11am or 11:30am Sunday Mass

Voting is still open through next Monday.  Please take the time if you haven’t already, especially those who frequent the 11am Mass.  I value your input in my decision!

Vote for 11:00 or 11:30

Thank you for taking the time to read through this email.  Know of my gratitude for all you do to live out the mission of Jesus in our parish and beyond!

Gratefully in Christ,

Father Buehler

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