Happy Easter

Why does it seem that we are always let down?  Things never seem alright.  We are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We feel that it is not going to be alright because we can lose all our money, so we worry about money.  We feel that it is not going to be alright because people can hurt us, so we worry about protecting ourselves.  We feel that we are not going to be alright because we can get sick, so we worry about our health.  Take a step back for a minute.  The truth is all of these things are going to fail us.  We place our trust in these things and we are always let down.  The key to Easter is to die to all these things, i.e. let go of our trust in these things, and to trust in God.  With God none of these things will be able to permanently hurt us.

The Easter message is that everything is going to be alright.  That even now we can begin to taste that everything is alright.  Jesus showed us that death is not the end.

With the resurrection we can begin to feel that new life now.  If we are consumed with money, place our trust in God.  St. Paul said he learned how to live through thick and thin by placing his trust in God.  Trust that God will provide.  Isn’t the real issue about finding our vocation?  Trusting that God will help us find it.  If this is the issue in our life, it’s about spending time discerning in prayer and its about relying on God in other people, their wisdom and support in helping us find it.  What would life be like if work became a joy?  And if we are not doing that what are we teaching our children?

If we are consumed with not getting hurt, place our trust in God.  It’s not that we won’t get hurt, it’s just if we place our trust in God that no matter what someone does to you, you will still be free.  I believe it was Victor Frankl who talked about how in the concentration camps he discovered that there was a part of himself that the Nazis could never touch, his inner spiritual freedom.  They could not take away God from him and they could not take away his ability to love.  Can you imagine not worrying about what someone else thinks about you or does to you?

If we are worried about our health, place our trust in God.  God always provides healing.  God provides healing in many ways from doctors and medication to being able to live with the condition with the help of others to ultimately the resurrection.  There is always some healing and peace that can take place if we truly reach for it.


God bless,

Fr. Chris