Sacred Wounds

Thomas wouldn’t believe that Christ had risen without seeing his wounds and so when Christ revealed himself to Thomas, He showed him His wounds. The resurrection includes the wounds and the wounds have become sacred. We live in a wounded world and many a wounded person wreak havoc in this world. Christ wounds became sacred because he was willing to accept them on behalf of love. Accepting those wounds became part of the resurrection in his life. His resurrection was real because he really endured the cross and the wounds that it causes and He trusted that the resurrection would lead Him through them.

I mentioned my past depression in my Easter homily. I think some people may be confused. I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life. My depression is in remission. In some ways I am thankful for my depression because it taught me how disconnected I was from God and others, and now I am experiencing God on a deeper level. I have a deeper confidence in what God can do and I have a deeper joy. I know that not everyone recovers from depression, but I believe that God can help us deal with it and we can get help. Those wounds have become sacred in my life because now I have something to offer others. I know those wounds have become part of my resurrection.

God bless,
Fr. Chris