Dear Good Shepherd Parishioners,

This weekend we welcome Fr. Ronald Kreul celebrating all Masses and speaking on behalf of the Food For The Poor (FFTP) Mission. I invite you to listen to his message and dig into your pockets to support our brothers and sisters in need around the world. The pandemic affects us in different ways, but in areas that were already struggling the effects can be much worse. Thank you for your generosity.

Despite the cold weather, there are brighter and warmer days ahead. The promise of sunshine and warmth brings the Parish Picnic to mind. We are thankful to Jim Reiter who has graciously offered his time to be the lead for the team. He is currently looking for volunteers to help him plan the big day. Here is a short note from Jim with his contact information.
Dear parishioners and families of Good Shepherd Parish,
I am excited to announce that our Parish picnic is a go for this year. The tentative date for
the event is the first weekend in June. Your help and participation is key to making the picnic this a success. We have come up with a few new ideas but would love to hear great ideas from each one of you as well. This is our Parish and with more hands will create an amazing Parish family event.
We have five months to prepare. We will have a picnic committee meeting in the coming weeks. Please consider
helping with creating this fabulous festivity. If you have any questions or ideas don’t hesitate to email me at or call the church office.

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