Good Shepherd Catholic School (GSCS)
Tuition and Fees

The following policies govern all students attending Good Shepherd Catholic School, Hillsboro, MO.

Tuition Rates and School Fees (K-8)

1 Child: $423.50 per month/12 months
Annual total: $5,082.00

2 Children: $557.91 per month/12 months
Annual total: $6,695.00

3+ Children: $643.75 per month/12 months
Annual total: $7,725.00

The early registration fee per family is $125 and is non-refundable.

  • Registration fee per family after February 28, 2023 is $175
  • (If you have applied for Tuition Assistance the early fee will apply)

The early book and technology fee is $150 per child.

  • Book and technology fee after the first day of school is $175 per child

The SAVE MY SPOT Form is due by February 2nd, 2023.
2% discount if the total tuition is paid by July 1st of the school year.: 1% discount if tuition is paid by semesters (July 1st and January 1st).

Each K-8 family must provide a minimum of 20 points per school year in Parent Participation Hours (one point equals to one hour in most cases). The time frame in which the 20 points must be accumulated is from July 1st through June 31st of each school year. If a family falls short of the 20-hour minimum requirement, a $10 fee per unearned point will be assessed and applied to the final statement of the school year.

Registration Process

Registration will not be accepted unless tuition payments for the current school year are paid in full. Students for each and every class at Good Shepherd Catholic School will be accepted for enrollment in the following order:

  1. Children of registered parishioners with siblings already attending GSCS
  2. Children of registered parishioners
  3. Catholic children of non-parishioners with siblings already attending GSCS
  4. Catholic children of non-parishioners
  5. Non-Catholic children with siblings already attending GSCS
  6. Non-Catholic children (Education Commission Policy adopted 08/07/01)

Billing and Payments

Tuition for the school fiscal year is paid beginning with the month of July 2023 and ending with the month of June 2024. Tuition payments will be paid through FACTS, our automated service.

Tuition cannot be in arrears prior to the first day of school. If a family’s account is in arrears prior to the first day of school, a payment arrangement must be made to ensure the student/s are allowed to attend class. It is the family’s responsibility to communicate the need for ANY payment arrangement to the Parish Coordinator.

Any family who cannot make tuition payment will need to contact Brenda Bone to make appropriate arrangement. The Parish can help families in difficult situations. If agreed upon arrangements cannot be reached in a timely fashion, your child/children will not be allowed to attend classes.

If a family’s account remains in arrears or has an unpaid balance, the child/children will not be allowed to attend class or graduate with their class, report cards and grades will be withheld and no transcripts, health records, grades, etc. will be forwarded to any given school until all outstanding balances are paid in full.

Tuition Committee

The Tuition Committee consists of four persons appointed by the pastor: one elementary school parent, one former parochial school parent, one non-parent, and one member from the Finance Committee.

The Tuition Committee is willing to work with families who are having serious financial problems. The objective of the Tuition Committee and Parish Staff is to ensure that no one is denied a Catholic Education. To achieve this objective, every effort will be made to work out some type of payment plan and/or overdue tuition rate on an individual basis. Meetings and financial data obtained by the committee will remain completely confidential.

Tuition Reduction

Any family seeking to reduce the tuition must request an application for tuition assistance from the Parish Coordinator. All applicants must be registered parishioners and must be active in their faith. Applicants will be asked to make use of their time and talents in Parish and School activities. After the completed form is returned, it will be reviewed by the Tuition Committee. If there is a need to meet with any family, the Tuition Committee will meet at the earliest convenience. Until a family meets with the Tuition Committee or receives the Committee’s decision, the family is obligated to pay the full amount. The Committee will not routinely apply the reduced tuition amount retroactively. Application for Tuition Assistance must be completed annually.

*The school principal, secretary and teacher’s primary focus are on your child/children’s education. To facilitate the integrity of that focus, ALL communication and correspondence regarding tuition payments or individualized payment arrangements should be made directly with the Parish Coordinator, Brenda Bone, in the Parish Office.

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